The Following are the ‘transcribed' verbatim incident reports (contains Goolsby and Culick narratives) from The Gordon County Sheriff’s Department; case # 97-12-00392 (12-07-1997)


Complaint Lodged by Flying J ;

Complainant (Goolsby) states that on the above time and date the offender was parked in a no parking zone and was told by the intercom system in Flying J that he needed to move his vehicle. At this time the offender came to the fuel desk and used profane language towards the desk clerk. The desk clerk contacted the fuel desk manager, Sonny Culick. Sonny Culick stated that when he got to the fuel desk, the offender started cussing him and asked him what he was going to do about it. Sonny Culick went on to state that he told the offender to leave and get off the property. The offender then made the statement “I’m going to kill somebody’s ass”, and left the fuel desk and went outside.

Culick stated that he went outside with one other employee (Ruben Cody). The offender started cussing both employees and at this time the complainant (Goolsby) arrived at the scene and told the offender to leave.

The offender then pushed the complainant and spit in Cody’s face. The complainant told the offender to leave several times more. The offender started to walk to his vehicle and stopped and started to curse the complainant. The complainant told the offender to leave once again. The complainant states at this time the offender struck him in the face and he fell backwards. The complainant and his employees then took the offender to the ground and held him down till Law Enforcement Officers arrived.