Don’t ask, Carl Goolsby Don’t tell.



Carl Goolsby began his testimony proudly describing his education at a Parochial School in the Atlanta area (Our Lady of Penile Manipulation), his Military career and College afterward. An interesting note; in his deposition, he denied learning to "fight" after describing his military career.

In describing his employment with Flying J, Goolsby testified that he worked at Resaca for about two years prior to Dec 9, 1997. But that he has worked at several others since then, working no more than several months at each one. He went on to say that he received a pay raise with each move but was quick to add that these were "lateral moves" and weren't a promotion.

During trial, Jimmy Singer (Lawyer for Goolsby and Flying J) presented an aerial photograph of the Resaca Flying J into evidence.

In this photograph, the entrance of the Flying J (on the north side) was situated at the bottom.

Goolsby described an area at the top of the photo as an access to a "fishing area" in the river to the south of Flying J. His implication was that Flying J was providing this "fishing access".

When asked to describe some particular objects in the photo, Goolsby described them as the "sewer overflow" treatment ponds. Myself somewhat of a fisherman, I wouldn't fish from such "ponds", but they do things different in the South I suspect.

Also in this photo at the bottom near the entrance, three trucks can be clearly seen in the area near the scale. Goolsby described these trucks as "illegally parked", although it looked to me like two of them had parked after using the scale and the third was actually just exiting the scale.

Jimmy Singer asked Goolsby why truck drivers park illegally and Goolsby said they did so because they were too lazy to park in the lot and walk to the truck stop. Naturally ignoring the REAL reason why there were several trucks parked in a “No Parking” area and the REAL ISSUE of inadequate parking at all Flying Js.

At deposition, Goolsby admitted that there was NOT enough parking at this Flying J for the volume of business they do, and that the lot was quite often full. He did testify that it was particularly busy on this day. He went on to say that after Dec.9, 1997 HE suggested they expand the parking area, although to this day there has been no such expansion.

In order to impeach the testimony of Dana Dean, (who had testified that she heard the employees yelling obscenities at me, and heard me say something to the effect of "I just want to leave" or "I am just trying to leave") Goolsby testified, as if prompted by Jimmy Singer, that ALL truck drivers idle their trucks (no matter what the weather is) spewing pollution into the air. And the noise from this non-stop idling would make it impossible for anyone to hear any such "conversation" clearly.

In order to further impeach Dana's testimony that she observed four employees surrounding me and the one she described as the "manager" poking his finger into my chest, Goolsby said that the area is poorly lighted and dark. (This was the area directly next to the fuel pumps)

Goolsby went on to testify that I had created a quite a disturbance in the truck stop and was continuing this disturbance outside. Here his testimony was somewhat different than his prior deposition. His testimony at deposition had me yelling and swearing at every employee I came into contact with both inside and outside the travel plaza.

Additionally, his deposition had himself and the other employees going out to notify the drivers (of the other trucks parked in the No-Parking areas) to move their trucks and that I approached them. But at trial, he testified that he and the other employees were "escorting" me to my truck.

He went on to say at trial that I would walk (with them following immediately) then stop suddenly forcing them to "bump" me. He said that I kept doing that until I reached the rear of some of the illegally parked trucks.

Then he says I turned (he demonstrated that I turned clockwise 180°) around and struck him with my right hand. (I am right handed, and this would be an incredibly clumsy thing to do. Anyone knowing me and what my employment was for 19 years, would not describe me as a clumsy person but quite the opposite.) Not hard enough to hurt, but he says that he was off balance and fell back against the rear of one of the trailers. (Compare to Dana Dean's testimony and my letter to Garry Green at OOIDA)

He testified that at some point he said something to the effect of "I've had enough of this" and that he grabbed me by the right arm, but he was quick to add that he didn't twist it (my arm).

In his deposition he stated that he did not place a hand on me at all, except that he only held one hand on my back "trying to calm Mr. Hankins down" (Cody's testimony at trial and at deposition was that Goolsby had grabbed my right arm).

Goolsby testified that no other truck driver approached him or spoke to him at this time. He went on to testify that he never had any actual injury, never saw any doctor or sought any medical treatment. Also that it was "his" idea to file a counter-suit against me for my alleged assault upon him and not Flying J's because he was angry that I filed a lawsuit against him as well as being "embarrased" to be mentioned by name on this website.

Goolsby denied any knowledge of any "incident" report referencing (the vicious attack on myself by those Flying J thugs) Dec. 9th, 1997 or any audio/video recording but did claim the existence of several "written statements" by so-called Flying J employee witnesses. However, Goolsby and Flying J were unable to produce any of them except the three that Goolsby had in his "personal collection". He was unable (unwilling) to explain why Flying J could not or would not produce these and/or other so-called "witness statements" he claimed existed.

Even acting as Flying J's official Representative and identifying himself as such, Goolsby refused to identify the letter from Kumen Taylor (Nov. 2, 1998) as authentic.




Goolsby’s Interview with Morrison is some what different and differs substantially from the Cody and Culick interviews:



Q: Todays date December 9, 1997. The time is approximately 11:31 PM. This interview is taking place at the Gordon County Sherriff's Office. I'll be interviewing Carl Goolsby of 113 Moss Creek DR. Calhoun Georgia, age 33. Mr Goolsby, before I talk to you I've got to advise you of your Constitutional Rights and what this right here is, is a "waiver form", it says: 'I have the right to remain silent, anything I say can be used against me in a Court of Law, I have the right to talk to a Lawyer and have him present with me while I am being questioned, if I cannot afford to hire a Lawyer, one will be appointed to represent me before any questioning if I wish. I can excersize these rights and not answer any question or make any statements', you understand that?

A: Yes Sir

Q: Are you willing to talk to me?

A: Yes Sir (Goolsby signed the Miranda Waiver form)

(NOTE: as many as 85% of criminals waive their miranda rights)

Q: Who punched him in the eye?

A: I have no idea

Q: Cause he's got a black eye, his left eye is black....

A: I have no idea

Q: Swollen up, almost shut. Do you know how he got a broke arm?

A: I have no idea. All I know is they were holding him at waist level like this, you know maybe when he was trying to jerk, whatever, you know it popped, I don't know. I just know when I got up, he was already refrained down and they were holding him in place keeping him from trying to fight more cause he was very....

Q: Now when I talked to him he didn't say nothing about punching you.

A: He hit me in the face.

Q: Now, some of the witnesses now we've talked to say that you all was walking across the parking lot and that you had pushed him a couple of times....

A: No Sir.

Q: And ah anyway, I think he turned around and got in your face and then Ruben punched him three times or a couple of times....

A: I don't know, I didn't see that.

Q: and then he got a little closer to the truck and you all put him on the ground and somebody well, they didn't say YOU grabbed his arm, they said you all was beating him on the ground.

A: I don’t know, like I said when I fell to the ground, I got back up and when I got back up they were holding in a position like, kind of like a like you handcuff somebody and tried to refrain him from fighting more cause he was….

~later in the interview~

Q: Let me ask you this, would you be willing to take a polygraph test?

A: Sure

Interestingly enough, both at deposition and at Trial, Goolsby denies hearing my right arm “pop” at any time yet here in interview, he says; “it popped”.

Also, here Goolsby says he fell “to the ground”, but in his deposition and at Trial, he says he fell “against the trailer” (hence, the “bump” felt by Dana Dean.)

In addition also in Trial, Goolsby claimed that he volunteered to take a “polygraph” test, yet in interview with Morrison, Morrison clearly asks if Goolsby was willing….. There is a great difference in volunteering for something and being asked to do it.


Do you believe Carl Goolsby?

The jury didn’t either.

Goolsby, you are a FUCKING LIAR (sue me if you can)