MugShotOther than Dana Dean and Tommy Waldner, (the two truck drivers), the single best witness called was Flying J's own Tammy Smith. The former fuel clerk at the Resaca Flying J whose attitude typifies the Flying J corporate attitude toward truck drivers. (It should be noted that some time after Dec. 09, 1997 Tammy was convicted of a FELONY drug charge.) Even though her testimony could have been thrown out because of this conviction, her testimony only served to verify my story with minor differences.

In testimony Tammy readily admitted that she was rude to me, not once, but several times. In fact, when asked if I called her a "bitch", (which I never denied), she said that she is "often called a bitch" and that her usual reply (to being called a BITCH) is to say something like "that's Ms. Bitch to you".

When asked, Ms. Bitch testified that I never leaned across the counter, never "invaded her personal space", never spat on her, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, never grabbed, hit, poked, punched or touched her in any un-invited way, as alleged by Corporate Lawyer Kumen Taylor.

Additionally, Tammy testified that she never was never afraid of me, nor smelled alcohol on my breath (as alleged by Ruben Cody and Kumen Taylor in LandLine Magazine April-May 1998), and that when I walked away from the fuel desk, I never screamed obscenities at her or anyone else, never approached nor was I approached by any other Flying J employee (contrary to Flying J claims) and that she thought "it" was over.

In a previous version of FlyingJSux.com, I made (a hidden) reference to Tammy having "big balls". As it turns out, Tammy had the biggest balls of any of the Flying J employees, past and present. Because she refused to follow the Flying J LIE. (even though, most of their bull shit story was posted on this site, and she did admit in testimony she had seen it.)

But still, in my opinion, Tammy like the rest of the Flying J employees, is white trash, and will be nothing but.