Medical Shit
Here is a close-up of a photo of my right eye taken Dec. 09, 1997 by Det. Morrison of the Gordon County Sheriffs Dept. Although I remember my eye swelling closed almost immediately, that was not the case according to this picture. But, it was swollen shut the next morning when I awoke (in Chattanooga, TN.)


Although this one is darker, the contrast clearly shows the numerous abrasions on my face, cheek, along side and under my nose. This is from being hit in the face multiple (three) times by Ruben Cody, while Goolsby and another one of Flying J's thugs held my arms pinned to my sides.

This picture shows my right arm after it was splinted and wrapped at the Gordon County Hospital. Unsure exactly in how many places my arm was broken, I know that my arm was twisted (by Goolsby) with such force that a muscle was torn loose from the ulna (large fore-arm bone) and the resulting tear ripped off a section of bone. As a result, I suffer from loss in Range of Motion, constant pain, nerve damage and  weakness. I have also developed bone spurs in my elbow and have arthritis as a result.