Two Other Hooligans                                         .               







Two other hooligans, who were not represented in Court but were involved in the assault, are Sonny Culick and Roger Szukiewicz.

Sonny Culick was originally party to the Lawsuit, but since he could not be found in time to be served in a timely manner, he was dropped from the Lawsuit. Flying J claimed they did not know the whereabouts of Sonny.

Imagine, a company with resources such as Flying J, and having Sonny Culick’s Social Security Number, not being able to locate him.

Our Investigator was able to find him living in Darlington SC, without having his SSN.  Again, since there is a Flying J relatively near Darlington, what are the chances that at the time the other employees were being served, Culick was still employed at Flying J?

The other Hooligan was Roger Szukiewicz. There is no record of Detective Morrison interviewing Roger Szukiewicz and he is only listed as a “witness” of my alleged assault upon Carl Goolsby.

Yet, Goolsby clearly states both in Deposition and Trial Testimony that there were “three others” who followed him out of the C-Store, in pursuit of me, and Goolsby clearly identifies Roger Szukiewicz as one of the three others.

At time of Deposition and Trial, Roger Szukiewicz was still employed at the Resaca Flying J.