Doing extensive research (which I might add was far more research than Kumen Taylor did re: my assault at the hands of his thugs) on the subject of Post 9-11 Price Gouging by Gas and Diesel Retailers, I would not be honest or fair to say that Flying J© was the only retailer involved in this unscrupulous and unsavory act. Many retailers all over the country participated.

    It seems that the only major truck stop chains not to engage in this type of pricing were the TA (Travel Centers of America), Petro and Bosselman's

    There have been arguements that it was not "Price Gouging" at all, but "supply and demand" economics. Some retailers argued that they were justified in raising their prices to those levels because the consumers were willing to "pay the price".

    I never studied "Economics" in school, but as a trucker, I know the "economics" of the high cost of fuel on my bottom line. As I sat in my truck in a Pilot© Travel Center parking lot in Columbia S.C. I watched LIVE on CNN (thanks to satellite TV) in horror as the second plane crashed into the WTC and as both towers fell.

    I noticed two things, I watched the price of fuel at this Pilot immediately go up by $.15 per gallon within an hour, and later in the afternoon the price for a simple 3x5 American Flag decal was now almost $10.00

    I had not yet associated the increase in the price of fuel with "Price Gouging" but I did make the association between it and the price sticker on the decal, which usually sold for around $1.99. When I commented to the sales clerk about the price, her reply was something about the demand being high for this particular item and they being in short supply. My reply to her was "given the events of today, you should be giving them away".

    I did not witness the "panic buying" of gas and diesel at this Travel Center that day, nor in the days subsequent. I kinda understand this supply and demand lie.

    But what I cannot understand is the Lie from Flying J spoken thru the lips of Barre Burgon, that they were "being bombarded with notices of cutoffs, price increases and allocation of fuels" when the evidence shows fuel supplies were normal, in fact there was a "over supply" of fuel and several refineries had notified retailers and State Attorney Generals that there was no shortage. AAA of California also stated that they were anticipating NO shortage.

    Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating claimed that a rise in price of $1.00 per barrel of crude would amount to a pump price increase of about $.03 per gallon. OPEC issued a statement on Sept. 11 that said in part "all member countries remain committed to continuing their policy of strengthening market stability and ensuring that sufficient supplies are available to satisfy market needs."

    So, where is the justification for such dramatic price increases on Sept. 11, 2001? There is none, except plain old-fashioned corporate greed.

    But, don't take my word for it.

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