Goolsby continuously changes his story from the time he made the “Original Report” with Officer Mark Waycastle all the way thru his testimony. In this report, Goolsby never mentions “falling” down or “against” a trailer parked next to mine. He states that he and his employees Cody and Culick took the offender to the ground. That is contrary to his Deposition and Trial Testimony, where he claims that his only involvement was to “place a hand on Mr. Hankins’ back in effort to calm him” down.

In his interrogation with Detective Morrison, after being asked who broke my arm, he says “it popped”, something that could have only been heard or felt by someone who was very close or even by someone who did it. Yet, in his deposition and Trial testimonies, he denies hearing a “pop”, denies breaking my arm or knowing who did.

The WHORE Goolsby was so damn proud of his “lateral moves” which were nothing but Promotions by Flying J. He was so ARROGANT in his three piece suit, yet he impressed no one.  Goolsby was so proud of his Parochial Schooling at a Prestigious Private School (Our Lady of Perpetual Masturbation). In a CHURCH run organization, I would hope that they teach such things as HONESTY, but I suspect Goolsby spent too much time with the Holy Father in his RECTORY.

Even though Goolsby lost as defendant, he paid NOTHING; the entire judgments as well as cost associated with the trial were paid by Flying J.

Don’t you wish we all could get such “paid vacations”?