Certain idiots (you know who you are) have made the allegation that I never retianed a lawyer, never sued Flying J (and never won). This will probably shut them up, but some of them are so stupid, the only thing they are qualified for is driving a truck.

  Anyway; this morning, I DOWNLOADED a copy of the lawsuit summary from pacer.uscourts.gov.

  If you pay particular attention to the top of the first page you will notice, that not only did I have "ONE lawyer, but I had two.

  If you pay attention to the bottom of the second page, you will notice the jury awards (in my favor) from Defendants Goolsby ($50,000), Cody ($50,000) and Flying J ($50,000) and they collected NOTHING on their frivilous counter-claims.

  One should also pay attention to the interview with the two truck-driver witnesses, Tommy Waldner and Dana Dean who both claim they never saw me; at any time instigate or start a confrontation between myself and the 4 Flying J employees.