Show your SUPPORT for our TROOPS

Regardless of your party affiliation.


Being concerned about the shrill wailing sound coming from the wacko LEFTISTS, especially those in Hollywierd, I created a desktop theme for a friend's son who is presently serving in the Military. As I went about it, I decided that EVERY ONE of our SOLDIERS need to know that the majority of the US support our President and Troops. I am giving this DESKTOP Theme AND Screensaver FREE to anyone who wants it.


Download the ZIPPED file an expand into a folder onto your C: Drive

            Detailed instructions included in the ‘README’ file


Desktop #1 Desktop #2 Desktop #3 Desktop #4 Desktop #5 Desktop #6

I grant anyone "LIMITED" free-use of these images; you MAY NOT claim them as yours.

(Temporarily unavailible)

Windows Themes: instructions below for installing the Desktop Theme; detailed instructions included in the ZIP file.
Patriot Theme

---Installation instructions:---

Just unzip into a folder on your C: drive called PATRIOT (you will have to create
this folder)

If you wish to retain your original startup and shut down screens, you must make a backup BEFORE copying the files!

After placing the "Patriot Folder" somewhere on the "C:" drive, Simply "right-click" on the 'Patriot.theme' and select "apply settings".

Select the "Patriot" file, right click and select "open With Windows Shell.dll"

If you cannot get this file to install to the proper directories, make a subdirectory called "patriot" in your theme directory, and move everything except the "*.theme" file into it.


To Install the SCREENSAVER, simply double-click on it and follow the prompts.


If you have any serious problems installing this theme, please E-Mail me at and I will try to help out!


       --The Fine Print--

This Software is distributed as-is, without any warranty either express or implied. By using this software, you, the user, assume any risk and liability from its use.  If it suddenly decides to erase your harddrive or shoots Saddam or locates Osama, thats your problem. (Or maybe it isn't, as the case may be)  


created: March 13th, 2003.
final editing:April 06, 2003

           ****CREDIT WHERE DUE****

Most of the cursors and .wav files are taken from a Standard Windows Theme. The US Flag icon and any State Flag ICONS were created from bitmap flag images using "ICON Forge", a "Shareware" utility available for download from

The Other .wav files were originally downloaded in Mp3 format, converted to .wav using MusicMatch, then edited to their present length and bandwidth using Windows Sound Editor, and all into three categories;  sound bites from "Full Metal Jacket" from the website.

     USMC Band music from various web sites (google search for "taps.mp3") other sound bites from John Wayne (google search for "taps.mp3")

The "Screen" file was two photos edited together using Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 and saved as a bitmap (.bmp) with added text.

The ScreenSaver was created using "ScreenSwift" from the nice folks at

The Flash file used in the 911 attack ScreenSaver was "America Attacked", created by found on and other sites.

(Music: Only Time by Eyna)

I have also included link to the "beer.mpg" file, a funny Coors Beer Commercial I also found on the R Lee Ermy website.