In response to the Jason Mannel story, a reader offers their opinion:




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I have worked for Flying J for over 3 years and after reading about the employee that was grossly mistreated after being hurt on the job I felt it was only fair to tell my story. On Jan 7 of 2002 while doing my job as the Fuel Desk Mgr I was injured on the job also. Unfortunately because of the extent of my injury I had to have surgery on my right shoulder and am now facing permanent damage to my shoulder and neck due to the nature of the injury. Flying J has been nothing but VERY good to me and fair. My fellow employees, (this includes management and hourly employees all the way up to my District Mgr) were very concerned and kind to me from the very first day. I never felt "singled out" or was treated badly in any way. My heart goes out to the employee(s) who tell of being treated in any other way. Maybe I'm just lucky to work in District 5 where everyone is treated good. At my Plaza we are like a family and treat each other as such. From the DM all the way down to the newest employee. This is how it should be in any working enviroment. Though I don't expect you to print a letter from a current and happy FJ employee I felt it only fair to give another employees opinion. If for no other reason than just to show not ALL FJ employees are inhumane and unfeeling.

Thank You